ELEFSIS: Minotaur Arrival is a multi-disciplinary, interactive experience that employs visual art, video, sound/music, dance theatre and performance art to challenge participants’ perceptual systems.

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The audience is a key part of the work as this piece is designed to enable participants uncover and perhaps discover interesting aspects of themselves – taking the time to notice the workings of human mind.
 The experience uses the concept of the Minotaur as a starting point and focuses on the moment that the creature arrives at the labyrinth. Each participant is, at the same time, a visitor and the Minotaur and its labyrinth is both a physical and mental operational frame. A number of sensory stimuli, acts and games throughout the performance lead or enable each participant to make choices and this is the point where the experience becomes totally subjective and open to diverse narratives and interpretations. The aim of the piece is to initiate self-discovery and put forward questions such as:

  • What is the relationship of Presence and Absence and how it defines my experiences?
  • How can I deal with a sense of constant move and ambiguity – how does this influence my perception and mental state?
  • Let’s say I am arriving in a place, a time-frame, a relationship or a goal; arriving in life itself. How do I deal with the act of being here? What is the reality that I chose to experience and how my choice shapes my relationship with myself and others? Where am I really, right now?
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