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live art, site-specific performance, installations, altered states, Rites of Passage, migration, dislocation,

curiosity & play

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Minotaur Birth

This work is about the worlds in our heads. They can be so vivid that might feel or become real. The mind is giving birth to diverse things; sometimes, there's a tendency to get stuck to the ugly side. Well, the worlds in our heads might not be that terrifying.

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Being just a spectator. Watching.
Passively. Being patient. Waiting.
Do you hear? Are you listening?
Watching. Who will grand you
permission to move? Be patient.
Be a spectator. Be a watcher. Wait.
Do you hear anything? Oh, it's just the Telly...
Never mind.
We will be informed.
We will be informed.
We will be informed.
We do pay for our subscription.
A room. A wall. A wall. A couch.
A room. A wall. My head.
Who's there?

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I am moving on... I remember
the cities, the lands I've visited, my mother's face,
the window in your room, the closed curtains,
freshly baked bread, cars roaring, rain in August;
I am breathing
to speak, to move, to feel
Cant' see me any more
Can you hear me?


Upcoming BOOK preview: What about art if not about transformation?

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