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another world is possible - actually, it's here!    


There are many intelligent, interesting people around us. Juicy, passionate, compassionate and smart. Detecting them is just a shift in view-point :)



Listening to a waltz by Manos Hadjidakis and then another one by Nikos Kypourgos and then another one by Wong Kar Wai. It is a beautiful morning – gray but shiny – here, in the northwest of Europe. Well, it really feels cold; it’s raining. Through fog I am dreaming of Aegean shores and surrounding blue. But it is only colours I am thinking of and sounds of wind and waves. I can’t think of people. Most of us are dry, twisted and deaf. Well, to be honest, I also dream of people - of the ones that are alive, juicy and open. Here, in London, today is a winter Sunday – in south Europe today is part of a winter year. What has been that jealous of the Mediterranean sun to put so much darkness in people’s heads? By listening to music I get closer to my demons.

Flies say that I’m wrong. That here, in all of Europe, it is a war decade - more accurately, that we live in global war times. I was so naïve back in my twenties to never think that this was due to come.  Perhaps it is all right to be naïve: it is actually healthy for people to spend some innocent days – as soon as we assume our 'post-production' responsibilities. Mom said: ‘clean the room after the party’. You know, mom, putting things in their places and getting rubbish out of the house is not a charming occupation. Wearing ugly work trousers and diving into dust with filthy hair, wounded knees and a smelly t-shirt is definitely the wrong moment for taking a glamorous photo of oneself. Who ever thought that being fair and brave is an easy task? Maybe we’ve seen it in TV soaps? 

Keep believing in humanity is a struggle. As human, I am ashamed of us. But I still love my friends – can’t help it. Still, I wish for smiling faces around. Therefore, today is a beautiful morning – gray but sparkling – promising an absolute death that will allow new life to come. It has been always like that. Who cares if it takes time – is it important whether I’d personally see this transformation succeeding? Definitely, someone else will.